Upgrade Antivirus To Avoid Sudden Virus Attacks

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Virus AttackIn today’s revolutionary, world where each and every individual is directly or indirectly dependent on computer, it is very essential to maintain fitness and efficiency of system. With this thought, I downloaded and install antivirus security software to safeguard my HP laptop from nasty threats and virus. One day while working on my computer, I saw some unknown virus infections in my PC. I searched a lot to find out proper tools to get rid of them but could not find a proper solution. Then a very close friend of mine suggested me to have proper antivirus upgrade from certified technical organization.


Antivirus security program plays a very vital role in system authentication and protection. It safeguards the computer system against all kinds of rouge application codes, such as virus, adware and malwares. An antivirus security program provides protection against following issues-

· Slow performance of PC-Virus attack causes malfunctioning of various windows registry files, which in turn slows down the performance of system to large extent.

· System freeze and halt-Virus causes sudden freezing and halting of system screen which affects the working efficiency of system.

· System crash-If not scanned at right time, it can cause system failure or blue screen of death to extreme case.

· Hardware failure- Due to malfunctioning of software applications, memory load increases, which causes hardware disabilities, such as corruption of RAM.

If you find yourself uncomfortable with procedure to upgrade antivirus software, simply follow the steps mentioned below-

Upgrade Antivirus Software on Windows O.S.

STEP 1-To manually update antivirus security software, open your Internet browser and navigate to initial page of company that produced your antivirus security software.

STEP 2-Look for “Downloads” option and click on particular link.

STEP 3-Look for updated version of antivirus security program and download it. After that, run the setup of antivirus software.

STEP 4- Remove the antivirus security software that is previously installed on your system through control panel.


Visit to site of particular antivirus security software program that you are using at present and look for option of upgrade to higher version. Alternatively, you can also remove current antivirus software using control panel and install another antivirus program through search engine.


I strongly recommend you to have a certified technical support to upgrade antivirus security program from lower version to higher. Certified technical support provides quality security measures to make system free from all nasty threats.


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