Avast Antivirus Worth to Upgrade?

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Many users have a very good feedback on antivirus fee edition even I myself. Problem comes in when you feel that you need more to protection and can the upgrade of Avast anti virus do the security that you need? You can find your answer from my review on the upgrade of Avast anti virus and if you had missed my free Avast antivirus review, you can view back to see what I personally feel about that product.

Now you are already satisfied with the free Avast antivirus and with the advertisement of paid Avast antivirus keep popping up, you have a bit curiosity to try out. Let’s check out below on the available upgrade for Avast antivirus Home edition.

As you can see, the image above is the comparison of the three Avast antivirus Home products. We had already reviewed the free version, leaving the Pro version and Internet Security. Today we are going to see the Internet Security version as this version’s features covers as well the Pro version’s features ended up that I just need to review once. This time around I will skip the booting time review as I personally see it pointless due to the machine I used is a new machine. I had tried several rounds and the result is not making lots of difference.

Upgrading the Avast Antivirus

I will not go through the entire Avast antivirus for this time as the review had been made before. What I will go through is the added features for this package. The first item I am going to go over is the SafeZone feature that is available in both Pro version and Internet Security Version. What the SafeZone of Avast antivirus does is it will open another desktop which bundles with Google Chrome for you to perform your internet transaction or any other sensitive internet browsing. Below is how the SafeZone looks like.

avast safezone

Basically, you have nothing inside the SafeZone. Not even launching any application or modifying application. I had tried accessing some files to modify the content from SafeZone and it forbids me from doing so. By separating a desktop out just for internet browsing is quite a good idea. If you are someone who performs banking transactions heavily, you need to consider something like Avast antivirus SafeZone. Whether it can fight the man in the browser attack is still another question but separating the desktop should give the hacker some tougher nut to crack.

avast firewall

The firewall in Avast antivirus is separated into three modes. If you are a novice user, you can use the general firewall setting to perform the configuration. However, if you are some firewall expert, you can access the Expert Settings and make any necessary changes. The firewall in Avast antivirus is pretty easy to use. Even for a novice user, I can recommend to learn up how to use Expert Settings as it is not difficult to master what it has in the Expert Settings.

avast domain name tracking

If you had encountered any suspicious IP address is attacking you, you can use the IP tracking device that is bundled inside the firewall setting area. Above is what I get for searching my own domain name and you can do the same for your IP or domain name. Overall, firewall in Avast antivirus is quite a silent feature. It does not take half of the resources of your computer just to have one firewall and it is worth to have it.

avast antispam

Apart from firewall, this Avast antivirus edition also comes with Antispam. Like every standard Avast antivirus configuration, if you are a novice user, you can leave it as it is while you can explore more on the expert settings. It does not do much of help to me here as I don’t run into spam emails so much. It might be the feature that least use by most of the buyers.

Avast Antivirus Sandbox

avast sandbox

Last but not least, the Sandbox. In the free Avast antivirus, you get to own the Auto-Sandbox. What most users would do is they will disable it as it can be troublesome. Unless you do a good preparation by filtering all the applications that does not need to run in the Sandbox then only use the antivirus. Otherwise, you would have disabled it for all. With the feature to run in Sandbox, you can control which item you want to run in the Sandbox.

However there are cons of upgrading the Avast antivirus. If you see carefully, you don’t get to Backup and Restore which is not recommended. Antivirus should always have this feature as users might want to restore back what they had asked the antivirus to delete. Another item missing here is the parental control where majority of antivirus nowadays have this feature. There are also other missing features here apart from the two above such as having a rescue disc, vulnerability scan, privacy cleaner and so on which are not the key for a good antivirus, but still I think those are features that can add value to an antivirus.

Avast antivirus is suitable for user who seek for:

  • Secure web browsing where heavy internet banking transactions involved.
  • A sandbox to run Malware safely.
  • Website Reputation (WebRep).
  • Personal firewall.
  • Antispam filter.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low resources to run the antivirus.

If you are one of the users mentioned above, you are one of the users that should . buy Avast anti virus (internet Security)While if you just want to look for a firewall on top of your free Avast antivirus, there are still many more option in the market that has a more reasonable price. In my opinion, I would only recommend users who have heavy internet banking transactions to perform to own the Avast antivirus (Internet Security) or Avast antivirus (Pro). What do you think. Feel free to drop your comments or feedback on the Avast antivirus upgrade below.

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