Antivirus Protection - Free, Trial or Pro

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The need for antivirus or firewall software for personal computers is more essential than ever before with the continually increasing threat of computer viruses and large amounts of spyware and adware presenting a security risk for any computer that is connected to the internet. There are hundreds of security vendors offering a wide range of antivirus tools and security suites. It is increasingly common for vendors to offer several different versions of antivirus protection - free, trial, or pro.

The various different versions of the antivirus software can be useful for different situations. If you are in need of antivirus protection but cannot currently afford the expense of purchasing security software for your computer then a free version of the program would be ideal for you. You may be considering changing which antivirus software you use and have made a shortlist of programs which may be suited to your individual needs. In this situation you will find it useful to test drive your options by making use of short term trial versions of the short list options before making a commitment to purchase one of them. Once you have decide which of the trials best suits your needs you may wish to go ahead and upgrade to the pro version by purchasing the software in question. These are just some of the reasons why security vendors release three versions of antivirus protection - free, trial and pro.

Security vendors are finding that it is highly beneficial to offer the three versions of antivirus protection - free, trial or pro. They are able to allow potential buyers to test drive their product through use of trial versions which are usually valid for a maximum of thirty days at which time users are prompted to upgrade to the pro version of the software. They are also benefiting from offering a scaled down free version with only basic functions. If a buyer likes the software they are more likely to consider buying the pro version of whichever free package they are used to than they are to purchase a completely new program.



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