McAfee Error with Faulty Antivirus Update

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The Windows XP PCs were brought down all over the world due to a faulty antivirus update for which the McAfee is struggling hard to fix it before it cause more damage, however the condition is still dreadful in respect to the computer vendors.

The CTO of the security management system company Big Fix, Amrit Williams reported the USA Today that nothing will work in automating the affected computers as every process has been tried to fix it. it may take around weeks to process it as every single machine of the system would have to be individually tested and repaired as needed.

The problem occurred when the computers with Windows XP Service Pack 3 began to shut down in a minute of its starting up when the customers had downloaded the upgraded version of the McAfee VirusScan. An undesirable affect has been witnessed on the micro blogging site Twitter.

However, only .5 % customer PCs were hit with the antivirus, but it affected largely over the small and the large business companies, also damaging the computers at the hospitals and other municipal services. However, some competitors are taking due advantage of it and rubbing the salt in the wounds.


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