Trend Micro launches Antivirus for Virtual Desktops

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Antivirus vendor Trend Micro Monday announced the first virtualization-aware endpoint security software, Trend Micro OfficeScan 10.5.

The software, designed to work in either a Citrix XenDesktop or VMware View Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment, as well as on physical desktops, senses when it's running in a virtualized environment, then adjusts how and when it runs scans and updates, to avoid overloading the server's CPU, storage or networking operations.

Trend Micro expects to release the application by the end of next month.

Other new features include the ability to manage up to 20,000 physical and virtual desktop endpoints from a single OfficeScan console, full compatibility with Windows 7-- including Windows 7 Action Center (the operating system's one-stop shop for security information and system maintenance) as well as better role-based administration for delegating administration, as well as Active Directory synchronization.


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