Remove Wireshark Rogue Antivirus from PC

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Wireshark Antivirus is a rogue antivirus program that uses the name of the well-known software company Wireshark™ to sell a fake program. Just like other fake antivirus applications, Wireshark Antivirus attempts to push the user into purchasing a software license to the software. Once installed, Wireshark Antivirus will load itself up as a startup service with the help of the Trojan, and then it will proceed to perform a large number of fake antivirus scans on the user's system, subsequently reporting that there are a dangerous amount of viruses present on the user's computer. Wireshark Antivirus accentuates these claims with fake virus warning pop-ups that get generated from the Windows Taskbar.

If there is any installation of this dangerous malware application on your computer, you should immediately take action to remove Wireshark Antivirus. In order to delete Wireshark Antivirus, you need to stop its processes, unregister its DLL files, delete its files and folders and remove its registry entries.

Removal of Wireshark:
Use Spyware Doctor anti-spyware software to remove the rogue Wireshark Antivirus from system. This software will completely remove rogue antivirus and make your system infection free.


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