How to Upgrade McAfee Antivirus Via Command Line?

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McAfee AntiVirus is a program that scans your computer and protects it from Internet-related viruses and malware. Every version of McAfee AntiVirus comes with detection of security threats and automated resolution. If you run Windows remotely or must send instructions via the Windows command line, you can force an engine upgrade using a single broadcast command on the machine that needs updated antivirus software.

# Step 1: Click "Start," then "McAfee AntiVirus."

# Step 2: Click "Settings," then click "Remote Invocation."

# Step 3: Click "Allow CLI udpates" and click "OK."

# Step 4: Click "Start," then type "Command Prompt."

# Step 5: Right-click "Command Prompt" and choose "Run as administrator."

# Step 6: Type "mcafee-upgrade" to launch the McAfee upgrade utility.


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