How to Update Anti-Virus Gratis?

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Viruses are becoming increasingly sophisticated and numerous. As web technology improves, so do viruses, meaning it is imperative to regularly update anti-virus protection. If, however, you do not wish to spend money on anti-virus software, then it is possible to achieve many of the same benefits for free. Most anti-virus companies offer trial software for free, and then you can replace it with that of another company. When a company introduces new anti-virus software, you can sample much of it free.

# Step 1: Choose the software that you want. Some of the most famous brands of software are also the best. Less-known software can come with greater risks. Well known companies such as Norton and McAfee regularly offer free software trials. Other companies which offer free anti-virus software are STOPzilla, AVG, Kaspersky, Panda Security and Avast (see Resources).

# Step 2: Find the trial download on the official web page of the company, or download the free software. Beware downloading material found in forums of other pages, since this can be used to spread viruses. Most trials are between 30 and 60 days. Download the trial software.

# Step 3: Repeat the process if the software expires. In order to speed the efficiency of the computer, be sure to fully uninstall the trial software, which usually loads on startup and can slow down a computer. Most websites will remember your details to prevent repeated trialling, although some will allow you to trial new products without problem.


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