Are Free Antivirus Programs Reliable ?

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Free versions may ignore some viruses and spyware, or even install spyware themselves. Check the license agreement because it usually indicates whether the program also installs spyware or some mild form of spyware. It is best to visit the official website of the antivirus program and download from there instead of visiting unofficial sites that offer free antivirus programs that may persuade you to download program infected with a virus itself.

To know its reliability, consider some aspects such as effectiveness, user-friendly features, virus definition updates, scanning engine updates or upgrades, real-time scanning, and so on. Check what protection the antivirus program offers and whether the product is capable of coping with the latest computer threats because what would be the use of the program if it cannot defend your computer with the up and coming threats.

According to most reviews, there are five antivirus firewall software applications which have proven their reliability among their users. So, you might want to try their free versions prior to purchasing a licensed version. The most relied-on free versions include Avira AntiVir Personal and Alwil Avast Antivirus Home. AVG 8.5 Free is also popularly used, as are Microsoft Security Essentials Beta and PC Tools Antivirus Free Edition.

In a world where almost everything is controlled by microchips and computers, you must learn how to protect yourself and your computer. Whether you use a licensed version or a free-but-limited-in-features version of an antivirus firewall software application, you should only go for a product that is reliable, secure, easy to use, and up-to-date.



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