How to Remove AV Security Suite

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Guidelines on Removing AV Security Suite

The problem with programs like AV Security Suite is that even if you successfully clean them out of your system, they can reinfect it, if the software vulnerabilities that allowed their intrusion still persist. So make it a point to download all the latest updates of all the programs installed on your PC.

There are two ways of removing this malicious software from your system. One is manually removing AV Security Suite in safe mode or other way is to let a specialized antimalware or antivirus program handle the problem.

If you opt for a manual removal, you will have to first gather information about the Windows registry files and .exe files that need to be deleted to get rid of it. Manual removal can be risky as you may accidentally delete some vital system files. So unless you are an expert at such kind of manual removals, use a specialized software tool and let it do the job for you.

Before you can download and install such an antivirus programs for removal of this program, you must boot Windows 7, Vista or XP in 'Safe Mode With Networking' by hitting F8 on startup. Once the system boots up, open the command prompt and type in 'msconfig'. In the window that will open up, go to the 'Startup' tab. Deselect any suspicious processes or programs that are running on startup. Save settings and reboot. Once you reboot, open your Internet Explorer browser and go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Connections. Uncheck the proxy server checkbox which will nullify the manipulation made by AV Security Suite. Save settings and close the window.

Then install or run a preinstalled antivirus program to wipe out any traces of the program from your hard drive. Run an authentic registry cleaner to nullify any changes made to your registry. Install latest Windows updates and see to it that your antivirus and antispyware software programs are updated. This should take care of the problem for you.



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